Bishop Bill Muskهو الأسقف المساعد لمنطقه شمال افریقیا وتشمل ( تونس – الجزائر – لیبیا )

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I love both roles that Bishop Mouneer has given me. St George’s in Tunis finds itself in a very exciting period of its life and we are very much praying that, through the present ministry team, we might see develop a strong leadership pool for the Arabic-speaking element of the church. At the same time we are working with the several hundred members of the English-speaking element to seek to leave a significant legacy in place for future worshippers at St George’s.

In the region as a whole, we seek to provide the space and spiritual energy for growth of Christians from around the world, but also to nurture in appropriate ways all that God is currently doing amongst North Africans themselves, in terms of their seeking the Messiah.

Bishop Bill Musk

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