Click the image to download "My Name is Today" (pdf)We believe that it is important for us to share the love of God in both word and deed, through our churches and our ministries. It is through this practical engagement, which we like to call “life dialogue,” that we seek the welfare of all people, regardless of their religion, gender and social status. It is not a theoretical or theological engagement but it involves serving and loving our neighbours. This is a powerful way of engaging with our communities.

In North Africa, there are ministries connected to the churches in Tunis, Tripoli and Algiers. St George’s in Tunis is currently seeking to expand the community outreach in the local area through it’s ‘Legacy Project.’

In the Horn of Africa, there are community libraries where children can study in Addis Ababa and in Gambella town. In Gambella, there are also literacy training, training school teachers in non-violent conflict resolution, sports ministry, agricultural projects and community-based health care

Since its beginning in 1839, the Episcopal/Anglican Church in Egypt has been committed to serving society and working for the welfare of the community.  We do this through community development programs, healthcare services, education programs and other ministries.

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